Makaru Agro Limited

We are an agribusiness company dedicated to sustainable, profitable and unique agricultural products. Our mission is to produce and grow quality, specialty greens, baby vegetables and fruits to supply local restaurants and consumers inside and outside the country.

Our goals is to produce high quality organic products that will be produced by the company and organized group of farmers in Tanga and other regions in Tanzania that will raise community welfare in terms of market assurance through collective contractual farming.

How we Aim to Grow With the Our Community.

We plan to produce organic and tasty agricultural products like fruits and vegetables, while simultaneously improving the community welfare through employment opportunity, reliable market for various agricultural products as well provision of reliable agricultural inputs to farmers.

Our Core Guiding Principle

Makaru’s slogan is simple: “Organic Pioneer”. That is company members believing in produce organic will preserve environment and its living organism. We also believe in improving welfare of the community.